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Yeah, it’s another trunk chop, like butta!

Here’s an easy one for me, but maybe not so for you all. Exhibit A: Ficus salicaria, or willow leaf ficus to us non-Romans. Dave (you guys remember Dave, right?) won this tree on the raffle table at the last … Continue reading

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What was I thinking (or drinking) with these two trees?

Two bonsai walk into a bar…..stop me if you’ve heard this one, ok?… tree says to the other, “Jeez, you look rough, what style are you supposed to be?” The other, a little drunk, says, “Never mind that, were you … Continue reading

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How about some love for a ficus benjamina?

Today we shall look at the lowly ficus benjamina, a pariah of the bonsai world. It seems that hardly anyone likes the so-called weeping fig except for rank beginners and…..wait a minute, am I reading this correctly? I think I … Continue reading

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Carving a Japanese Black Pine and a Podocarpus

The two trees. Podocarpus Black pine The podocarpus you’ve seen before at the Epcot Flower and Garden Show in 2013. It belongs to my friend Bobby, in fact, they both do. He wants me to carve on them and give … Continue reading

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Hollies, Junipers and Ficus, oh my!

After the Cincinnati workshop (see the last post) and lunch at the Hoffbräuhaus (beer), it was time to travel to Indianapolis and to my new friends house, Mark Fields. And this is what I’m talking about, total bonsai, the first … Continue reading

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Bald cypress workshop in Cincy

Some super-fuel for a busy morning. Gotta love the goetta! We had way to many trees… ….it was an ungodly time in the morning and after way too little sleep….. Time for the impossible. Yeah, that was a long, painful … Continue reading

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Ficus salicaria rootwork and detail wiring

This post is about the day I took this pic. If you follow my Facebook or Instagram pages, you’ve seen the photo before. If not, why not? Here’s the beginning of that daylong, Kentuckian, private session which ended with a … Continue reading

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