I’ve posted something like this before, I think on Facebook, but I’m working on a clients tree and I figured I’ll share it to the blog, for posterity or something magnanimous sounding like that.

Pic one:A nice pot, well made, good shape and glaze.

Pic two:

Attention was even given to the interior for good root adhesion. Those scrapes in the clay give the roots something to grab onto.

Pic three:

Made in Italy even. Look at that structure. It’s high fired, pings with a nice middle C note when you flick it.

But….. only one hole! It’s like they thought the texture on the inside was enough to hold the tree into the pot.

As I’ve said before, In another time and place, in front of an audience even, I’m a two hole guy. Or one hole with holes for tie down wires.

You just gotta tie the tree in the pot. There are cats and squirrels and children, tornados and hurricanes or even just a summer squall; all these things or forces that can knock the tree out of a pot.

Pic four:

What’s the solution? I could drill holes using a diamond core hole but not everyone has a good drill or those diamond bits.

Or the skills and strength to do the job without breaking the pot.

Get yourself some metal screen. It could be stainless steel or aluminum (like these from American Bonsai Tools) or, in my case today, this 1/8″ opening, 27 gauge galvanized hardware cloth. You can find it easily in old style hardware stores or online from Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Pic five:

Here’s the first real contrary technique to what you’ve may have been taught. Put the screen on the outside. Yeah, the outside, you heard me right.

Pic six:

Two wires, at least 2 mm. The heavier the wire the better it’ll hold the tree

Pic seven:

Thread them up. Don’t worry about any extra wire or chopsticks. That’s the beauty of the metal screen: it’s rigid enough to hold the tie down wires from pulling up into the pot.

Pic nine:

Now we are ready to tie the tree into the pot. Which gives us just the last pic….

Pic ten:

Tied down tighter than a partisan politician when the party leader sends out the talking points and calls in his chits. It ain’t going nowhere, as they say.

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