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Bonsai on Elm Street

It’s actually the corner of Randolph and Wallace, but that’s not very euphonious. It is an elm tree. A Chinese elm, for clarification, Ulmus parviflora, which means “small flowered elm”. It is a species from East Asia including China and … Continue reading

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Chinese Elm Bonsai Reboot: I’m sorry Paul….

Here’s a real beastie to tame….  Probably should have done what I’m about to do when I first got it (I reallydid cut it back a lot then, but not just enough. You’ll see) but one is sometimes awed … Continue reading

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Bonsai’s got a new pair of shoes!

I get a text from my wife, she says “Your son bought something at a dining shop yesterday?!?!” A dining shop? Of course I said, “A what kind of shop?” She said, “Helzbergs diamond shop. He bought something for $239.60″ … Continue reading

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S-curve elm revisit, although they’re not really S-curves anymore

Since the last post (clicketh hither) I’ve had some great growth. So much so that I’m glad I was wandering and wondering around the nursery looking for something to do. If I hadn’t been looking I would have lost shape … Continue reading

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Chinese Elm Repot

Time to repot this old boy. Ever since the last time I repotted this elm I’ve not been very satisfied with the orientation in the pot that the tree has had. It’s an impressive trunk but overall its boring to … Continue reading

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Elm Root cuttings

If you remember, in the last elm post I had mentioned a form of propagation called “root cutting”. This technique works well with elms, ficus salicaria, ficus burt-davii, crepe myrtle and others. Basically, when you cut off the larger, unneeded … Continue reading

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S-Curve Elms

Let us consider the imported S-curve elm. I know that most “true” bonsai artists hate them. So much so that they don’t even look at them. Too bad for them and good for me. This is one of them. With … Continue reading

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