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A flat-top, bald cypress bonsai story, and a question. 

I posted a pic in the social media jungle a few weeks ago. It caused some debate (aside from the flack I got from the recycle bin in the background, that is). It wasn’t really my intention to stir the puddin’ … Continue reading

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I might as well continue the bald cypress theme

Since it’s January in Florida and January is the month to repot and collect bald cypress, I thought it was about time I started paying attention to these two trees I’ve been ignoring. That’s how I’ve been looking at them … Continue reading

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Progressions, updates, and a new (to the blog) tree.

It’s time for some progress reports. Here are four trees I’ve been working on. One tree you’ve never seen before, unless you’re a Facebook friend, on Instagram or the /r/bonsai board on Reddit. Here they are before work: Well, the … Continue reading

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What are you gonna do with that piece of crap?

So here we have a bald cypress that I collected last year. I would normally not collect something this small. Or if I did I would let it grow for 4 or five years before I did anything. This little … Continue reading

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