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The green, green island of ficus

Here I sit again, in the back of my PT Loser, waiting on my spawn. And, of course, I have a tree to play with. This time, it’s a ficus microcarpa “green island”. You missed the good parts though, I’ve … Continue reading

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Building Structure

There might be a tree here. Underneath the leaves, somewhere. Maybe. But I do believe it’s time for the scissor. Let’s see what’s underneath.  Ah, I see a trunk. We might have a bonsai here, instead of a bush. Not that a bush is bad….. … Continue reading

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What was I thinking (or drinking) with these two trees?

Two bonsai walk into a bar…..stop me if you’ve heard this one, ok?…..one tree says to the other, “Jeez, you look rough, what style are you supposed to be?” The other, a little drunk, says, “Never mind that, were you … Continue reading

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My ficus is eating its pot!

You remember this tree, right? You last saw it in this post here. It was a demonstration tree I worked on for the Bonsai Society of Brevard at their 2013 Brevard Zoo show. This is the tree today: It’s filled … Continue reading

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Revisiting the cascade green island from last year

Well, it seems like I should have updated this tree in the summer (from the post green island ficus cascade bonsai) but the poor tree has had a setback. Read on and you’ll learn what. Here is how we left … Continue reading

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Demonstration at the Bonsai Society of Brevard

If you are a friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr you’ll remember that I teased you with this pic about a week ago: If you’re not, then you are seeing this tree for the first time. If you are … Continue reading

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Labor of love

This is my work I picked up some stock plants recently to sell at the upcoming 2013 Bonsai Societies of Florida State convention. My aim is to style, root prune and make pretty these trees. Some I got for growing … Continue reading

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