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Did it have to be another juniper?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…..two junipers walk into a bar, one says to the bartender, hey I’ll have a jin….. We have before us two varieties of juniper. Both do quite well in Florida, the one on the … Continue reading

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Deadwood bending, trial by fire

Let me stand next to your FIRE!  Recently, I was tasked with some juniper carving. Usually one does that with a pair of Jin pliers and maybe an exacto knife. But ain’t nobody got time for that now. And I … Continue reading

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Bonsai Noodle Soup

I warned you.  Here it is.   The soup post. Well….with a few junipers thrown in, but there’s definitely soup. Chicken noodle soup to be precise.  First, let’s start with the tree.     A juniperus chinensis “something or other”. … Continue reading

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Up a creek without a paddle. I do have a raft though….

The raft style. Not so sure about it….it seems, I don’t know, almost like cheating or faking. Or, it’s what one does with inadequate material. Kinda like when you make a tree with branching only on one side into a … Continue reading

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Hollies, Junipers and Ficus, oh my!

After the Cincinnati workshop (see the last post) and lunch at the Hoffbräuhaus (beer), it was time to travel to Indianapolis and to my new friends house, Mark Fields. And this is what I’m talking about, total bonsai, the first … Continue reading

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Readers submissions: a juniper and a ficus

From time to time I get photos from my readers (no, not those kind, though I keep hoping) asking for my thoughts on their trees. I’d like to share two with you I’ve recently received. A juniper and a ficus. … Continue reading

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Two more junipers, one tall one short.

This post is about two very different junipers. One, a shimpaku, tall and thin like a supermodel. And the other, a procumbens nana, twisted and old. My Facebook friends will recognize the shimpaku already, I teased them with it a … Continue reading

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