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Did you just call me escambron again….that’s it, I’m gonna….wait, what, that’s the name of a tree?

Escambron, a tree native to Puerto Rico. If you say escambron with just a little bit of the emphasis on the right syllable and slur it a bit, you might just be saying a bad word (shut your mouth…) Let’s … Continue reading

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A Neea bonsai with some shiny new shoes

It took me long enough (right?) but I finally found the time (and ambition, had to be that energy drink) to repot my neea buxifolia (in Puerto Rico it’s spelled “Nia”.). For those so inclined, or who haven’t seen the … Continue reading

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Neea buxifolia carving and initial styling

Here’s a challenge I think I’ve let it grow enough. What do you think? Even the weeds are bigger than some $35 starter bonsai trees for sale on eBay. I got the tree from Mike Cartrett (Palm Beach Bonsai) in … Continue reading

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My little neea buxifolia bonsai

Time for a trim This is a neea buxifolia (nia in Spanish. Saltwood in English) that I originally got from Hector Morales. Doing research for this post I am flummoxed in my attempt finding out why this tree is called … Continue reading

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Neea buxifolia update

When last we saw this tree (in this post) it looked like this: That was last year. It’s had quite a bit of growth. But on the only below freezing morning we had this winter, it was the only tree … Continue reading

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Neea Buxifolia. Esas neeas estan lindas

Nia… in Latin, neea buxifolia. In English, saltwood. This tree should be used more outside of Puerto Rico and Florida. Why? This is why: My friends, this is Mr. Mike Sullivan’s spectacular Nia specimen. It has won many awards; at … Continue reading

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