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A “signature” tree, so to speak….

Well now, who is in my passenger seat today? Or should it be “what…..in the helll?!”This…odd….tree, is an elm, believe it or not. An American elm to be precise (some people make a distinction for American elms that are in … Continue reading

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American elm root-cutting restyle/repot

This write up wasn’t going to happen, but then I posted (on my various social media platforms) this pic: Now, you’d think that people (and you Kaya) would focus on the bloody thumb, but no, NOOOO, they wanted to see … Continue reading

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Elm Root cuttings

If you remember, in the last elm post I had mentioned a form of propagation called “root cutting”. This technique works well with elms, ficus salicaria, ficus burt-davii, crepe myrtle and others. Basically, when you cut off the larger, unneeded … Continue reading

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