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The Largest, Public, Tropical Bonsai Collection in North America, part one

Here we go!  This is my first visit to the Jim Smith exhibit at Heathcote Gardens down in Ft Pierce Fl. This post will be mostly pics (huge collective sigh from the audience). I will add some pithy or enlightened … Continue reading

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Static equilibrium: the trip to the Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo

It all began with a suggestion from Paul Pikel. There I was, flush with funds from my Bsf styling contest win at the 2015 Bsf convention and I couldn’t figure out how best to use the money. He said I … Continue reading

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A couple o’ three ficus. Just because, well…..ficus

I’ve been a little more mobile of late, after getting off The Machine. (Welcome my Friends! Welcome…to The Machine!) It’s the same machine I was allegorically referencing in the post A Painting a few articles ago, a negative pressure wound therapy contraption … Continue reading

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Accepting bonsai from Bohemian bonsai artists

This is not my mess, I know I’ve been incapacitated of late but it was this way when I got it from this mad Bohemian dude I know.   I’ll need to clean it up a bit just to see what … Continue reading

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Bonsai will be the death of me 

I know it’s been a while, sorry. I’ve been ill, in the hospital again and out and had to recover from all that. And the nature of my illness makes me not want to do anything.  As prelude to that … Continue reading

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