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A “signature” tree, so to speak….

Well now, who is in my passenger seat today? Or should it be “what…..in the helll?!”This…odd….tree, is an elm, believe it or not. An American elm to be precise (some people make a distinction for American elms that are in … Continue reading

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Why I “waste” my time on “bad” trees or, I don’t give a damn about my bad reputation 

Here I go again, stepping in the ant pile…..hopeful I don’t get bit this time…. Ya’ll remember this tree that I teased you with a few posts back?  Well, we will get back to it towards the end of … Continue reading

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American elm root-cutting restyle/repot

This write up wasn’t going to happen, but then I posted (on my various social media platforms) this pic: Now, you’d think that people (and you Kaya) would focus on the bloody thumb, but no, NOOOO, they wanted to see … Continue reading

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Some tricks I’ve learned about air-layering

It’s May, which means it’s air-layering time for me here in Florida. I have quite a workload of air-layers lined up this month but I thought I’d share some tips I’ve learned along the way. One of the easiest trees … Continue reading

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American Elm (Down Florida Way)

Here’s the first of the two new trees I worked on at Old Florida Bonsai It’s the one on the right. It was collected by Richard on one of the Treasure Coast Bonsai Clubs digs at Adam’s Ranch. It has … Continue reading

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Elm root cuttings part 2

I had a request from a reader, Tom for this update and considering the growth, I guess I should have revisited these trees a little earlier. Here are the two main elms The first tree is a Chinese elm (ulmus … Continue reading

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Elm Root cuttings

If you remember, in the last elm post I had mentioned a form of propagation called “root cutting”. This technique works well with elms, ficus salicaria, ficus burt-davii, crepe myrtle and others. Basically, when you cut off the larger, unneeded … Continue reading

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