I’m trying something new.
Not the tree, I’ve had this one for a while, I got it from my friend Paul Pikel, or a new subject either, I’ve written about Florida privet before.
What’s new is that I’ll write about the tree as I work on it. Should be interesting.
Here it is now:
It’s full of wire.
It also needs to be repotted.
The download times for the photos aren’t bad, a little slow.
I’ll probably use a lot of data on this post (yes, I take all the photos and write all the blog on my iPhone 4s, amazing, I know)
The only thing I won’t be able to do is edit the photos, which I do on the phone too, but not in the WordPress ap.
the Florida privet isn’t really a privet (which is a ligustrum) but is, in the Latin, Forestiera segregata.
It’s a native Florida tree occurring on the southern coasts.
I said I got the tree from my friend Paul, who is a rather famous YouTube
Bonsai guy (the plug- go to his channel here OrlandoBonsaiTV )
He and I gave a presentation to a group of retired people and he gave this tree as a thank you.
I’d like to say, thank you sir, I enjoyed the demo together.
It’s even in a nice pot.
So, I’m going to remove the wire, do some trimming, and repot the tree.
Hold on, let’s see where this stream of consciousness post goes…..
I almost always unwind my wire instead of cutting it off.
I use aluminum (aluminium to you Brits) so I’m able to do that.
I also believe it teaches you to be more gentle with your trees.
But I’m a rebel, everyone else says to cut it off.
I might start to do that too, I’m going to begin selling wire. Look for it soon.
Speaking of rebels, I’m listening to the first rebel of country music as I am writing this sentence; good ol’ Willie Nelson.
The album is “The Red Headed Stranger”. You should listen to it. It’s kinda dark and sad.
My iPod is on shuffle though. I’ll fill you in on the songs as they shuffle through.
Ah…Enter Sandman!
Here’s a trick-
As you unwind the wire you have to brace it so you don’t damage the branch.
Just as you would when wiring (Ahhhh, you see, now you know why I teach unwiring….)
If the wire is too small for your fingers or your pliers..
Use your scissors in an off label use.
New song: Crazy Train.
Wow, I got it unwired before the song was over.
High energy music means more work from Adam.
Flogging Molly live at the Greek Theater- the song is Swagger.
I could use a pint about now.
Alas, just water to drink.
Here’s an obscure song next.
A cover of the Who’s “teenage wasteland” by the Dropkick Murphy’s.
Look it up.
Back to the tree….
It likes to grow new branches in odd places and directions.
This is kinda like a long armpit hair
And this guy in growing into the trunk.
Before trim-
And after-
I didn’t trim much.
Next I’ll repot.

Needs it.
The next song is…..”Why don’t we get drunk?”
Classic Jimmy Buffet.
I’ll try to keep it wet with the hose.
As I clean the pot and get it ready for the tree.
And the song is now “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”
Jimmy Buffet to Nirvana. Nice transition.
Damn, I damaged the patina.
Well, ok, water stains.
The tortoises catching some sun.
They’re waiting for some food.
I feed them weeds that grow in the nursery.
Now, since this is such a small pot, I’m going to sift out the larger particles from the mix I’ve been using.

I wouldn’t do this with every tree.
The native range of the Florida privet is in marshy regions so they like wet feet.
Finer soil particles hold more water.
They also slow growth.
A live Black Keys song, on, btw.
Phone call.
I need to bring a nebulizer to my son’s school because he’s having a hard time breathing. He has asthma.
Gotta pot this and I guess you’ll have to wait to see the wiring part…………………………..I know, I’ll take it with me!
Ok, water the tree, get the nebulizer (he’s called Digger)
Strap it all in.
Let’s go!
This is exciting!
Blogging at 67 mph!
Ahhhh! Wrong side of the road!!!!
Ok, I’m actually at a stoplight waiting to turn left.
This is such a well behaved tree, not a word out of him.
**edit**So apparently the wordpress ap didn’t save about three pics and all kinds of funny things.
Sorry, I’ll try to re-create them.
I dropped off the nebulizer and at that point (12:58 pm) I remembered that I had to take lunch to my wife.
You see, I had made her late for work and it caused her lunch to be shortened.
I was late so I ran through the Wendy’s drive thru and got her a spicy chicken meal (xtra mayo) with a root beer.
Then she made me sit outside in the rain until she clocked out.
We now return to the post….in progress….
She’s here!
Finally. Let’s see if I can get a candid shot of her stuffing her face.
Now I am suffering from my action.
I am being told that if I ever want to make her (“She Who Must Be Obeyed”) late for work again, I better put the phone down now.
Be back in a few.
Ok, belly is full, now I’ll get back to the tree….what?
My wife says her lunch is over and I have to leave.
So much for gratitude.
Since I’m out I’ll go get the key for tonight’s club meeting.
We meet at the Orange County agricultural extension office.
The meeting is tonight at 7:30 pm and is featuring……me!
Let’s get the key.
On the radio: Ten thousand fists in the air.
Appropriate music for this blog post.
Talk about bad writing. I’m going to lose ten thousand readers with this post.
Got the key.
Now what?
Should I go home or…..yup, I’m going to Starbucks.
I need some caffeine.
And they’ll let me wire tree.
Ok, now to work.
Here’s a trick. When putting smaller wire alongside bigger wire and you come to the end of the bigger wire, it’s an accepted practice to loop the wire around the end piece of the bigger wire.
It helps to anchor everything together.
This is progress.
These branches are incredibly difficult to wire.
They’re so tiny.
I’m done.
Before I even finished my venti coffee.
And here it is-
From the top
I’ll tell you what, this was a bit more difficult an exercise than I thought it would be.
With the emergency run to the school (and for the one person who asks, my son’s teacher didn’t want me to take him home. She was just fine with the nebulizer, just in case he needed it. When I got there he was sleeping peacefully), with the lunch at my wife’s job, getting the key etc, I’m worn out.
I need a refill!
Next post:
Tonight at the bar!

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