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A simple Water Jasmine

Here is a tree belonging to a client, the water jasmine, or wrightia religiosa. The water jasmine is a tree that’s easily found in the online bonsai marketplace or in the tropical section of your friendly neighborhood bonsai shop. They … Continue reading

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A flowering Brazilian raintree

It all began in 1974, with a matchbox. Sounds like the start of a cheesy film noir, right? The Brazilian raintree’s history in the USA had its start with a matchbox (a match box is a container, about two inches … Continue reading

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Bonsai work

“The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it. ” 
~ John Ruskin  Ok, for those of you who googled good ol’ John, he did have some odd ideas. … Continue reading

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Ficus vs. ficus

It’s a battle royale! We have two trees that have been at war for some time now (well, since this post, really,  which was an update to this post, actually, which goes back three years and is one of my most popular … Continue reading

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Time of the ficus

 I’m taking a break from the broad leaf and starting with some tropical bliss, which could be read a few different ways. But what it means is, are you ready for some ficus? How’s this for growth?   Talk about huggie-branches, … Continue reading

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First styling of a Blackjack Oak yamadori 

It’s been two years, at least, since I collected this tree. That should be enough time for it to have gained strength. I’m still not going to be too rough on it though.    It was tough to identify this … Continue reading

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Transforming a ficus tree with (gasp!) copper wire

So, get this, here I go and win this tree in one of those bonsai auction pages on Facebook.      It was offered up by a casual acquaintance of mine, Seth. He’s this dude I know from Palm Bay. Which … Continue reading

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