“You touch things lightly or deeply; you move along because life herself moves, and you can’t stop it” Jim Harrison

A little willow leaf I put into a training pot last year, and hacked back as is my wont.

I let it grow and GROW it did

Now it’s time for some “direction”.

Which is a euphemism for “hack it back again”.

Here’s a cutting that I think will take, what do you think? Seems to have enough roots already.

When I work on a first styling, I’ll remove what I know won’t work, leaving myself two or three directions. Like below:

Which way to go?

I can use this one shoot as the “apex”…

Or this one….

Bending it up and over….


I think I’ll go this way, a zig instead of a zag…

Can you see it yet?

That’s good taper on what will be the first branch.

Going right, we don’t need the left…

That’s a good set of bones.


“Wire, because it works!”

(Say those last two sentences out loud, it’s punny)

The new “apex”.

Now we fertilize, water, put it in the sun, and let it grow.

“Wait, wait, wait” to quote a guy.

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