A quick update on the trident I chopped back in this post.
It was funny the response I got from that entry. Some people were horrified and some people were ecstatic.
Here’s how we left the tree.
It tree looked like this at the beginning of the post.
Now you can see why that chopping session garnered such strong emotions.
Here it is today.
See, I didn’t kill it.
It’s actually growing well; just look at how much the cut has healed.
And the tree has put out a branch just where I needed it.
Right on the bottom of the big chop!
And even an alternate too.
I’m not going to do any pruning now, I’ll give it another month or so to harden off and gain strength.
So that’s it, a quick update.
Now I gotta go pee, I’ve had me about 15 Dr. Peppas….

5 thoughts

  1. Adam, that’s a groovy tree you have there. I can see it being an awesome addition to anybody’s bench. I have traditionally used cut paste for large chops like that. I noticed that you did not use any. What’s your take on the paste or lack thereof? Thanks.


    1. Well, I used to use it a lot but, in my experience, it doesn’t make too much of a difference on the bigger trees. It does keep the cut edge from drying out too far back on smaller trees but healing is the same.


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