I’m excited to share an event with the readers, I’ve been asked by Oscar, from Bonsaiempire.com, to participate in a new series of live Q&A’s on the Bonsai Empire Facebook Page. The link to watch and join in is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/386790508344673/ 

Here’s a short YouTube video I slapped together promoting it, share it far and wide, if you would. Let’s get the word out about this and really push it through the roof. 

Update!!!! The live session is at 11 am eastern time USA!!!!

2 thoughts


    A kind voice of reason and true knowledge, not just nasty opinions.

    The heavens opened today and smiled down on all of us who have dealt with some of the bs on their forum. ( I don’t hold Bonsai Empire responsible for nit-wits that write in as experts)

    You bring class to their site Adam!


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