Here’s a pet peeve. And I’ll start with “there are many ways to skin a cat” but there are ways, and better ways. See the hole above? A drain hole in a bonsai pot. We cover these with screen so the bonsai soil we use (use what you like and what works for you) doesn’t fall out the bottom.

I’m repotting a client’s tree. I find this as the drain hole screen. It’s good material, actual bonsai screen, but would it hurt you to cut it a little bigger? It’s not even a penny’a worth to add an extra half inch to it.

And the wire holding it? It doesn’t even bend around the floor wall of the pot.

What’s that gonna hold?

I’ve been using galvanized steel. It’s strong, lasts for years, and drains well.

And I don’t skimp.

And the wire I use to hold it in: it’s heavy gauge, and bent so as to hold the screen in place.

The loops hold the screen and there’s enough underneath to hold it to the pot. (Ignore the calcium buildup, it’s from south Florida, where the water is hard as a politicians heart.

See that? It ain’t moving.

And while I’m at it, tie down wire should be heavy too. At least 2mm, this is 2.5.

I can pick the tree up by the trunk, with no worries that the tree will be damaged (could, but not usually….well, sometimes. Do as I say, not as I do…).

Here’s the tree. Portulacaria afra. It’s not going anywhere.

4 thoughts

  1. A pic of you lifting the tree by the trunk to show how firmly it’s attached to the pot would have been a good addition for the conclusion of the post.


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