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Collecting from the wild (actually, my nursery) 

I have this tree that I’ve been growing out (well…..I have many trees, but this one is in the ground, it was a volunteer, maybe deposited by bird trying to poop on my head, a southern hackberry, a name I … Continue reading

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The Beast, again

There it is. It’s been sitting there, waiting, for well nigh on two years.   It’s a collector of spines. It sits on its perch and licks the gristle and flesh left on the vertebrae it’s been hoarding and wears on … Continue reading

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A Florida Hackberry Yamadori

Now, I know that all the Japanese-philes out there, and I really mean those who know Japanese, always cringe when they hear us flat-landers call our collected trees “yamadori”. Technically, a Yamadori is a tree collected in the mountains and, … Continue reading

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Cedar elm bonsai

My friend Erik took a trip to Texas last year to collect a (mainly) Texas native tree, the cedar elm. He was invited by a dude who owns a ranch (not a dude ranch, it was just a guy with … Continue reading

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Two quick trees and some fall color (yes, in January)

This will be a quick post on two unusual trees and a parting shot of some rare, late color on one of my red maples. The first tree is a Brazilian Raintree that I propagated through an air layer (which … Continue reading

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Collecting a large tree

This post chronicles me and my comrades misadventures collecting a full size Chinese Elm. I got a call from Nick saying a company was cutting down some 20-25 ft tall Chinese elms in front of his work. Seeing as I … Continue reading

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