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How to lose a trident in ten days

Last year, about this time I guess, I chronicled a nebari improvement technique that my friend, Ed, was trying with some trident maples.  It involved taking seedlings and passing them through a CD and allowing them to grow. The full … Continue reading

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Trident maple nebari improvement technique

A quick post on a trident maple and a unique technique for thickening the base. A friend and I ordered about a hundred bare root tridents several years ago. He had done all the legwork and asked me to split … Continue reading

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I might as well continue the bald cypress theme

Since it’s January in Florida and January is the month to repot and collect bald cypress, I thought it was about time I started paying attention to these two trees I’ve been ignoring. That’s how I’ve been looking at them … Continue reading

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You gotta dig down below the surface. Life lessons with ficus bonsai

This batch of trees is still surprising me Watch and be amazed. We have three ficus salicaria in 6 inch pots. This is the lesson: Before you start working on your tree, you have to learn it’s true roots. You … Continue reading

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