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My Bonsai World

Welcome, friends. Welcome to My Bonsai World! If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to since the hurricane, well, it’s been interesting. I’ve been all around the state, from garden clubs, private sessions, field trips, and of course, lots of … Continue reading

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I use some fancy words to justify my defoliation habit, go figure. 

Okay, perhaps I defoliate too much. Maybe or maybe not. I can admit it before an audience. And, of course, there are those bonsai professionals out there who say, quite reasonably, that to cut off all a trees leaves might … Continue reading

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Carving tools and other ramblings

I’m giving a very similar PowerPoint presentation at Erik Wigert’s nursery so if it seems as though you’ve heard the jokes before you might have been there. Just sayin’. What tools did I use to get to this? Why, I … Continue reading

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Refining a deadwood feature on a podocarpus

My friend Bobby asked me over to do some carving. Me, always willing to work on a tree, of course, said yes. All my friends live a long way away. Bobby’s about an hour away, which is not bad. My … Continue reading

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Let’s air layer everything!

It’s that time of the year, when the sap is flowing and the wood is getting hard. When the hormones are beginning to do their chemical wonders and the smell of propagation is in the air. Cuttings, seed, and air … Continue reading

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Podocarpus carving at Old Florida Bonsai

When they bring you your demo tree in the bucket of a tractor You know it’s gonna be a fine show. Mighty fine. I was invited to participate this year at the 2nd Annual Bonsai Bash held at Old Florida … Continue reading

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Holy Balls! Guy Guidry at the NoNaMe Bonsai Study Group

So, people… I must say that, as there are more and more serious bonsai-ists out there trying their best to turn Bonsai into an industry, even into a Big Business, with supply chains and professional this and thats, we must … Continue reading

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