This was last weeks announcement on my Facebook and Instagram pages:

Just yesterday I learned we are over 500 tickets distributed.

The Artist’s are ready….

Ed Trout

Mary Madison

Sergio Luciani

…the exhibit is coming together..

The vendors are excited…..

Wait…you don’t know what Komorebi Bonsai 2018 is?

Ah. Sorry! Let me explain:

First, it’s a show that is being presented by a studygroup in Miami called Literati Grove. Hosted by yours truly. Starring the three legendary artists above.

The name of the show, Komorebi, comes from a Japanese concept, which my friend and partner in this venture, David, came up with after some research. He thought it was appropriate.

This is komorebi in kanji: 木漏れ日

You can click on the picture below to visit our website to learn about the show:

So you’re all wondering why would we be using a Japanese concept to name and describe a show that’s not only in the USA, but also in Florida and, amazingly, in Miami even? Why not Miami Vice Bonsai? Or Art Deco bonsai? Or Palm tree Bonsai?

Let me explain the word Komorebi for you, then you’ll understand.

Komorebi: a word they say isn’t translatable into English. There are several words in Japanese that they say are too complex to be directly translated into a single word in English, like wabi-sabi, or koi no yokan (this isn’t something that’s unique to Japanese, I should add, there are words that have concepts behind them, in every language, that aren’t directly translatable to English. For example, here’s a Greek word that is relatable to us bonsai folks: psithurism. Psithurism is the sound of leaves rustling in the wind).

So then, how do you define Komorebi if it’s not translatable? Well now, that’s easy, with a paragraph of course!

The textbook definition of Komorebi:

The interplay of sunlight as it passes through leaves; the shadows, the shapes, the glow, and the feeling it evokes.

I’m in the forest

The soft green glow surrounds me

Peace and light and trees

Do you remember springtime, as a child, running in the fields? Maybe just after a storm, under a tree, the sun escapes from behind a cloud and you look up, through the canopy. The sunlight is almost a physical force, shining through the new spring foliage, and you wonder at the miracle of a living tree absorbing the sun’s energy and continuing its life. You can almost, but not quite, take nourishment as well. The sun is what gives us life, and you long for that. It’s almost like the first time you breathed when you were born, or your first taste of honey. Your soul recharges and the energy makes you want to sing. Dance. Live.

This is Komorebi.

I live in the state of Florida. The nickname is The Sunshine State. And I do bonsai, I shape little trees and try to make them look like big trees.

Sunshine, leaves, trees. Komorebi Bonsai. These things bring peace. Green is a powerful color when we let it wash over us and bring us healing.

If you’re in Florida, visit our show if you can. July 28, 10 am-5pm. We are having an exhibit, a Q&A panel, three demos, vendors, music, food, bonsai and friendship.

Or, if you can’t make it this year, go to to see how you can participate from where you live. One way is to watch the live feed on the Literati Grove Facebook page. And, after the show, watch the video. I’ll have a link in a future blogpost.

It’ll be epic. See you on Saturday!

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