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Komorebi Bonsai 2018

This was last weeks announcement on my Facebook and Instagram pages: Just yesterday I learned we are over 500 tickets distributed. The Artist’s are ready…. Ed Trout Mary Madison Sergio Luciani …the exhibit is coming together.. The vendors are excited….. … Continue reading

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Like a buttonwood 

Green cones, white flowers, clean verdant leaves, backlit, life energy flowing through the veins and around the margins. Ancient species, a bridge between the fossil and the new. From Africa, cradle of life, floating over the ocean. At home in the … Continue reading

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A Dragon Yamadori Buttonwood Bonsai

Here’s the tree I teased with in the last article.  That’s how it looked two years ago in this post. I got the tree from Mary Madison, one of the best yamadori collectors in Florida. It was brought to my attention by … Continue reading

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A lazy Sunday with Mary Madison, bonsai Buttonwood Queen 

Can you say “Roadtrip!” ? No, I wish we drove in this.    The Central Florida Bonsai Club has an annual fieldtrip in August where we visit Mary Madison’s home in Lake Placid Florida.  Mary is, indisputably, the Buttonwood Queen, owing to … Continue reading

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I might as well continue the bald cypress theme

Since it’s January in Florida and January is the month to repot and collect bald cypress, I thought it was about time I started paying attention to these two trees I’ve been ignoring. That’s how I’ve been looking at them … Continue reading

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Treasures from Mary Madison’s nursery

As promised, here are the goodies I picked up on the Central Florida Bonsai Club’s field trip to Mary Madison’s place. First, as a representative of the Bonsai Societies of Florida, I got three demo trees for the 2014 convention. … Continue reading

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Bonsai Roadtrip!

This Sunday the Central Florida Bonsai Club had it’s annual pilgrimage down to Mary Madison’s nursery in Lake Placid. I usually drive but the A/C in my van isn’t working and I didn’t want to subject anyone to that. One … Continue reading

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