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Building a maple or two

Whoa?! What?Are you drilling holes in trees again Adam? It looks like one of those parasitic worms trying to stick its tendrils into a tree and the tree is trying to get away.  How about we start at the beginning? … Continue reading

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How many times have you heard someone call a bonsai a “Frankentree”? 

Hmmmmnnnnn?! Pretty impressive, right? At least the base. One of the anthems of my day, when I was young and idealistic, frames this trees proportions with élan and grace…..”Baby’s got back!” That’s why we are even looking at it, to … Continue reading

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Ficus Benjamin Cold Fusion, Where’s My Nobel?

New video over on the YouTube channel, a ficus benjamina grafting project. There are some real bad jokes in this one, but some cool guitar riffs and licks.I apologize in advance…..

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There’s something not quite right here…..is it bonsai? Art? 

What kind of mischief am I up to today?     Well, let’s see now, we have a piece of deadwood from a California juniper.      And a young, small, but long, premna microphylla.    We have a Japanese … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Thread Grafting Post

Perhaps this post should have been called “What are you gonna do with that piece of crap?” instead of the post about the cypress. Oh well. This chunk of tree is, believe it or not, a cutting off of a … Continue reading

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