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Did it have to be another juniper?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one…..two junipers walk into a bar, one says to the bartender, hey I’ll have a jin….. We have before us two varieties of juniper. Both do quite well in Florida, the one on the … Continue reading

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Buttonwood Recarve and Style: part one

An artist is only as good as his tools. A finger-painting will still look like a finger-painting no matter how well executed (Of course, that’s the point of a finger-painting) I think I carved this buttonwood at least 5 or … Continue reading

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Crepe myrtle bonsai: Can you “grow” one?

And now for the crepe myrtle I worked on in my booth at the BSF convention. Above is the front and below is the side (that line sounds like a line from a Dan Brown book) There is a lesson … Continue reading

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Labor of love

This is my work I picked up some stock plants recently to sell at the upcoming 2013 Bonsai Societies of Florida State convention. My aim is to style, root prune and make pretty these trees. Some I got for growing … Continue reading

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Styling Demonstration at Brevard Bonsai Society

This weekend I was asked by the Bonsai Society of Brevard to give a demonstration. They gave me freedom to choose my material and I used an ilex I’ve been prepping for about 3 years for the demo. Here it … Continue reading

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Ginseng and S-curve ficus Rogues gallery

Firstly, I’d like to thank you for reading past the title and at least entertaining the idea that a ginseng or S-curve ficus could be a suitable piece of material for bonsai. I recently wrote a piece (here) that shows … Continue reading

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Podocarpus carving at Old Florida Bonsai

When they bring you your demo tree in the bucket of a tractor You know it’s gonna be a fine show. Mighty fine. I was invited to participate this year at the 2nd Annual Bonsai Bash held at Old Florida … Continue reading

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