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A flat-top, bald cypress bonsai story, and a question. 

I posted a pic in the social media jungle a few weeks ago. It caused some debate (aside from the flack I got from the recycle bin in the background, that is). It wasn’t really my intention to stir the puddin’ … Continue reading

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Bald Cypress Forest 

We have a tray: We have some trees: We have a strong beer:Tray-tree-beer? Will we have bonsai? Seems likely. We might need more beer, even if it is a German one and not Japanese.  Let’s review. Tray:Made by a retired … Continue reading

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Bonsai in Ohio: Evan’s trees

On my recent trip to Ohio, I had the pleasure to visit and work with both the Cincy and the Columbus clubs as well as a few private gardens. My host for the trip was Evan. I met him a … Continue reading

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A big, collected holly tree or, you can prick your finger but not finger your….

Gulfport Mississippi, the last working day of my trip. I was invited by my (new) friend Buck to visit his home on my way back and he’d hire me for a private styling session on some trees. Of course I … Continue reading

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Bald cypress workshop in Cincy

Some super-fuel for a busy morning. Gotta love the goetta! We had way to many trees… ….it was an ungodly time in the morning and after way too little sleep….. Time for the impossible. Yeah, that was a long, painful … Continue reading

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Two familiar trees in a northern land.

I’ve lost count of the number of days I’ve been on my tour. But if it’s Wednesday, it has to be Dayton. I left the Kittle homestead midday (the next post, Darlene, I promise, will be on that magnificent eight … Continue reading

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I might as well continue the bald cypress theme

Since it’s January in Florida and January is the month to repot and collect bald cypress, I thought it was about time I started paying attention to these two trees I’ve been ignoring. That’s how I’ve been looking at them … Continue reading

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