Well guys and gals, it seems like I’ve filled up the storage space on this WordPress blog and I have some decisions to make.
#1 I could end the blog and make many of the higher-ups in the bonsai world happy by ridding the Internet of my questioning, irreverent, de-edifying ,and just plain annoying presence.
#2 I could start a whole new blog about cooking soup
Or, #3 I could pony up the money and pay for more storage.
What do you all think?
I’m gonna go with #3.
Since I’m going to be busy this weekend, you won’t see another post (probably) until Wednesday as I’m going to make the even bigger jump of turning the blog into a self hosted one.
Currently the URL is adamaskwhy.wordpress.com. Early next week it will be just adamaskwhy.com.
If you have me bookmarked you’ll have to change the address or, just follow the blog and you’ll get an email update when I post a new article.
I am planning on having all the “mapping” done by WordPress so hopefully it’s not messed up,but, you know how things in the interwebs work; if you don’t make the correct offerings of Redbull and chocolate covered donuts to the Internet imps in charge you might end up on the wrong side of an afghan quilting site, explaining why it’s “knit one, pearl two” to Aunty May.
Speaking of articles, I’m not sure what happened but it seems as though half of the last seagrape post ( click here) is missing.
I’m not sure if it has to do with the storage issue or not but I’ll try to recreate what is missing, along with an update showing the the newly lime sulphured deadwood features.
I also have, in the pipeline, a severe trunk chop on a tigerbark ficus for you to learn from.
So, until I have some breathing room (I’ll get it done before my Louisiana trip, promise), see ya’ in the funny papers!

8 thoughts

  1. so glad you are continuing with your excellent blog. it is very educational and at the same time entertaining and oft times irreverent which keeps it so interesting. keep up the good work


  2. Def option 3! Very informative, always entertaining and occasionally controversial! That’s why it is so good! None I read and re-read more frequently! Keep up the great work, my friend!


  3. You are a true inspiration to a lot of bonsai enthusiasts . . especially the ones that tend to get scorned by the so guru’s of the art. Glad you are continuing your great work. Its very rare to see anyone working on tropical trees and for enthusiasts like myself from Sri Lanka that is truely educational.


  4. Hi Adams,
    Thanks for continuing your informative blog. I get so many tips about Bonsai. You have a wonderful and beautiful collection. Also, your method of teaching is simply amazing. The best part of your blog is that you include those plants too, that we get in India. So i learn a lot.
    Wish you all the best.
    Anita Sabharwal


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