Get ready to be amazed! (or severely disappointed, or, for my enemies, even annoyed)

For behold, we have waiting below, just a click away, the very first, full color, full length, walking, talking, and accompanied by music, YouTube video from The Nook!

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3 thoughts

  1. Loved watching this! More enlightening than the pics with narrative. Ficus question if you would provide insight: Best fertilizer regime for the tiger bark ficus that I have? Have been using Green Dream once/month during summer and fish emulsion weekly. Too much? Not getting as much growth as I had hoped. Leaves yellowing and dropping last couple weeks. Oh yeah…in case you haven’t already guessed…I’m still a beginner at this!


    Alice Scheffler of Greater Cincinnati Bonsai Society.

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    1. The fertilizer regimine seems fine. Are you pruning?
      They yellow leaves are, my guess, just the old ones dropping to make room for the new ones. This is probably in response to the lower light levels as fall approaches. On broadleaf evergreens, it’s easier to drop leaves and grow new ones than try to change old ones in response to changing light.


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