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What to do with the bush; trimming and disease control

Six trees. I’ll be brief (tough for me in text form I know, but if you meet me in person I am actually very quiet and of few words). I’ll try to be informative at the same time. I also … Continue reading

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Hackberry, ilex, Brazilian Raintree and potato.

We have, for your viewing pleasure, four trees that have progressed well and need a little showing off. These three: And this one: I hope you guys appreciate the links I’m about to provide. Doing the research into my archives … Continue reading

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Little ilex from Walmart

How many of my readers out there take the time, when going to a box store like Lowes or The Home Depot, to glance at the landscaping material in hopes of finding a bonsai diamond in the rough? I do … Continue reading

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Some Refinement Tips on a Yaupon Holly Yamadori

This is that update I had promised in the last post on this big Yamadori yaupon Here’s a much better pic of it The original post was here. And this is how we left it, all alone on the bench … Continue reading

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Mid spring trimming tutorial

Since it’s raining and I can’t go carve my neea from the previous post I’ll write up a quick article on these two ilex. I haven’t shown any work on them yet but the principles here are for the creation … Continue reading

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Spring maintenance on 5 ilex bonsai. Yes, more ilex, sorry

Okay, I admit it, I have an ilex problem. I collect ilex bonsai the same way that some people collect Hummel figurines, baseball cards, comic books or cats. Or even ex-husbands. What can I say? they have small leaves, quick … Continue reading

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Four updates: four ilex, one male, one old, one potato, one pig

These will be quick updates as I did little to them but repot so……. The first tree is the male ilex vomitoria from this post (clicketh hither) It was time for a new pot. If you remember, this is not … Continue reading

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