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You know what they say about people that have big bonsai….

Lysiloma sabicu….I think. Horseflesh mahogany is the colorful common name. We (that would be David and I, not the royal “we”) are going to put it into that green pot. It looks small but……..it’s not.  We also have a big Brazilian … Continue reading

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A flat-top, bald cypress bonsai story, and a question. 

I posted a pic in the social media jungle a few weeks ago. It caused some debate (aside from the flack I got from the recycle bin in the background, that is). It wasn’t really my intention to stir the puddin’ … Continue reading

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Ficus Benjamin Cold Fusion, Where’s My Nobel?

New video over on the YouTube channel, a ficus benjamina grafting project. There are some real bad jokes in this one, but some cool guitar riffs and licks.I apologize in advance…..

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Ficus Maximus

This is a true gem. Not a green gem. Maybe a kinmen or Kemang or Kidman or Kingman, depending on your accent and the English pronunciation of Chinese you prefer. But it’s good.   You wouldn’t think it’s a gem, from … Continue reading

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One years growth on an Orange Jasmine 

Whoops! They almost got me that time.     It seems that the wasps have been invading the nursery of late. I’ve been stung, Johnathan and my son Logan too. And they’re not those big, slow, calm ones (that my idiot … Continue reading

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Juniper vs. Brazilian Raintree

The other day my friend Seth came over with the hope that I could give him some pointers on working with junipers. He’s entering a competition that will be using junipers as the tree and he’s never worked on them … Continue reading

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Slightly unorthodox display table

When it comes to displaying my trees in my garden I prefer something, shall we say, different, than what most people use. The general rule is that the display table shouldn’t be so extravagant that it draws attention from the … Continue reading

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