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Worst case scenario

Well friends, here’s the hurricane Irma aftermath blog. But with some perspective. Sorry.  This is Pablo. A wood carving I did many years ago. He’s a fixture on the blog and on my Instagram feed.  He’s called Pablo because he … Continue reading

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A lazy Sunday with Mary Madison, bonsai Buttonwood Queen 

Can you say “Roadtrip!” ? No, I wish we drove in this.    The Central Florida Bonsai Club has an annual fieldtrip in August where we visit Mary Madison’s home in Lake Placid Florida.  Mary is, indisputably, the Buttonwood Queen, owing to … Continue reading

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New Orleans Bonsai or bust!

I’m back from my Louisiana trip and now I have to figure what the hell happened. There’ve been so many things I’ve seen and so many people I’ve met I’m just overwhelmed. Hoowheee! The trip from Orlando to my first … Continue reading

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Development tips for neea bonsai

I’m writing this post as a reference for the New Orleans club, and I’ll try to link all my neea buxifolia posts at appropriate (or just random) points throughout the body of the article. The three trees I’m working on … Continue reading

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Hollies, Junipers and Ficus, oh my!

After the Cincinnati workshop (see the last post) and lunch at the Hoffbräuhaus (beer), it was time to travel to Indianapolis and to my new friends house, Mark Fields. And this is what I’m talking about, total bonsai, the first … Continue reading

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Ficus salicaria rootwork and detail wiring

This post is about the day I took this pic. If you follow my Facebook or Instagram pages, you’ve seen the photo before. If not, why not? Here’s the beginning of that daylong, Kentuckian, private session which ended with a … Continue reading

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Eight foot tall ficus trunk chop. How low can you go?

This, my friends……is day three. It was like seeing the tree from Gondor, of old. Majestic, ancient, noble. An eight foot tall bonsai. It’s name is Bigfoot. How do you do, Bigfoot sir? The tree is a ficus microcarpa (some … Continue reading

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